Lose/lose Situation. HALP!

In an attempt to try and watch more football instead of doing household chores, I tricked my wife into playing fantasy football. Turns out she’s really good and it and we are now PLAYING EACH OTHER IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP! What do I do here? If I lose, she will mock me allllllllllllllllll year to my friends and family who will join in and pile on. But if I win, I will get sulky wife and couch duty for the foreseeable future.

My team: Mayfield, Mike Williams, Antonio Callaway, Gurley, CMC, Chubb, Tre Boo Boo, Butker, and Cleveland D. Bench: Rivers, Allen, Jordan Howard, Josh Adams, Damien Williams, Dante Pettis

Her team: Watson, Cooks, Woods, Zeke, Jamaal Williams, Marlon Mack, Kelce, Fairbairn, NE Defense. Bench: AP, Boyd, Samuels, Phi Defense, Elijah McGuire.

Standard scoring. Any side or prop bets are welcome.

May God have mercy on my marriage

holy shit that is a lose lose. LOL maybe ask her to split the pot?

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It’s not for money. It’s for bragging rights. Being RIGHT is very important to each of us. So this is basically for the right to say I’M BETTER THAN YOU for a full year

This is a toss up, you could lose hahaha

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Ya man she’s smart and got a good team. Gurley might not play either. It’s gonna be a crazy weekend that’s for sure.

OR… this could be a Win/Win

If you win: You are the champion and there is nothing that can bring you down. You wear that crown proud and go buy yourself I nice animal fur throw blanket to drape over your throne (couch) and relax as a king would.

If you lose: You obviously lost on purpose to have mercy on your wife to give her the victory. You being such a great husband surely will save you the couch time and earn you brownie points.


That’s a fantastic perspective! :+1: