Lose-lose situation. Who do I drop?

I need to drop a guy to make room for a kicker. Usually I just roll without one until absolutely necessary but nobody I’m psyched about dropping plays past the 1:00 games. It’d have to be Peterson but I’m not sure if that’s the move. Who do I drop?

My roster:

R. Woods

A. Cooper
E. Sanders

Who do I drop? A sneaky choice I don’t hate is cooper but I know that’s the wrong move. Wow do I not want cooper though.

I wouldn’t drop Peterson. He’s been solid this year, your RB depth isn’t as good as your WR depth, and it’s way harder to find an RB on the waivers. Out of those players, I would drop Cooper. With the other WRs you have, I can’t see needing/wanting to play Cooper. Not to mention he’s horribly frustrating to have in your lineup.

I come here looking for someone to talk me out of it but here we are. I feel like straight up dropping cooper is a crazy move but you’re right, I don’t care that he scores 20 every other week I’m still never playing him. Might as well make him someone else’s headache

This team is superb.

I would drop Golladay. If someone else picks up Cooper and he happens to break out, especially in a matchup against you, you might spontaneously combust. Golladay’s schedule also is rough and I can’t see you wanting to play him over your other options, esp when you have Tate, too. I doubt you’d ever want to play them at the same time.

It’s inconsequential to your team between the two for the most part, so whoever hurts least to see added by another team.

Haha it’s an 8 man league so the teams look pretty good but I’m happy with mine.

I’ll sleep on it but I think I’m leaning cooper. My initial thought was Golladay but with his upside almost matching cooper AND the fact that he doesn’t get shut down in every bad CB matchup? I think I’d prefer him even if mainly as an insurance policy to tate.

Honestly ur team looks good enough to roll without the kicker I would absolutely not drop anyone ud b crazy…if anything package a 2 for 1 deal to free up the spot but don’t jus drop any one of those guys for a measley kicker with that team u can afford a possible loss this week shit who knows u may not even lose and not even need a kicker lol

sounds like you should just drop cooper then. in an 8 man league, he may not even get added by anybody else. if he does, then him actually being started is an even longer shot. and the insurance policy point is reasonable. personally, i wouldn’t take the 0 from your kicker just to save one of your 6 strong back up WR options, especially the hated mr. cooper. that would be the ultimate way in which cooper could ruin you if you lose as a result. don’t expose yourself to that kind of abuse lol

This is just what I needed to hear. See you cooper.

(He’s absolutely scoring 30 this week)

lol see, you’re kicking yourself already. it’s gonna hurt if he does…

Seriously, cooper could be a landmine for someone else… you’d probably get more enjoyemebt from seeing him screw your league mates over than anything lol

Revisiting this. I made the right move. For all those who feel like they need to hold on to Cooper because they invested a high pick on him, I’m here to tell you that it’s ok. That you aren’t alone and that you shouldn’t hurt yourself further by wasting a bench spot with a player who you can’t stand.

Just let go. I can’t tell you how good it felt to see Cooper catch one pass yesterday (although it would’ve felt much better if I didn’t just drop him for Crosby). Some poor soul is going to pick him up next week because of his “pedigree” and he’s going to start him on all the wrong weeks and it’ll to be beautiful to watch now that I’m detached from the situation. Deep down, you know Amari Cooper isn’t actually a good receiver, so join me in the movement and smash that drop button. I did it, so can you.

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I was just looking at one of my teams which I have Cooper…
He is a bench WR, I have M. Thomas, D. Adams, Jarvis Landry, and D. Baldwin as my other WRs…

Corey Davis is on waivers and seriously considering dropping Cooper for Davis…

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