Loser punishments and side bets

Hi everyone!

I am a sports journalist based out of LA currently doing a piece on the wild world of punishments and side bets in fantasy football. I am hoping to hear as many stories from you all as possible sharing and recounting the worst bets and punishments that owners in your league or leagues you know about have had to do. If you are based in LA as well, please let me know and I would love to do an interview with you for TV! Thank you all so much I look forward to hearing all the stories you have!

P.S. Losing in my league has caused me to piece my ears for the season so I am (unfortunately) well versed in this area.

My league is pretty low key. We have a license plate frame that is all black and has pink stripes and in pink lettering says “I suck at fantasy football”. Loser sports it for the entire off season.

A buddy of mine had a league where the punishment was every other person in the league got to pick one ingredient from your neighborhood grocery store and all of the items would be blended up and be consumed by the loser. Obviously there were some restrictions for safety purposes but for the most part anything goes.

Sounds like a fun article, would be cool to get a link on here once it’s posted if it doesn’t violate the rules of the forums (not sure if it does or not).

Best of luck.

Thank you for your contribution! That’s a punishment that keeps giving all year long! The blend sounds disgusting!! :nauseated_face: Are you or your friends league located within the LA area potentially for an on camera interview?

Hopefully it doesn’t violate any rules and I will happily share when possible!

Unfortunately not. We are all from the Sacramento area.

No problem thank you for talking with me about all this! I like most on this site and others love fantasy football and I just want to show people how fun and sometimes crazy it can get! Whether that’s being splashed with water or piercing your ears :sweat_smile:

This is my fourth year running a 12 team league. Since year 1, we made whoever came in last place the Rest of the leagues “Beer Bitch”. The beer bitch is responsible for getting anyone in the league a beer whenever they request it. The beer bitch doesn’t have to pay for it though. This year our beer bitch ended up being the same guy as last year, and the year before, and the year before. All 4 years he has been beer bitch and it’s been glorious.

This is great. Do you all live in the same area then? I feel like it is a fantastic punishment for an offline/in-person draft.

Yeah, we all grew up together and live right outside of Philly in south jersey still.
It’s great for the draft, and might be why he always ends up with a bad team lol. The only thing about it is that we tend to forget if a group of us go out and by the end of the night he’s laughing at us for not utilizing the rule

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Sounds like it is a great rule though! Everyone can enjoy it, even the loser by the end!

Still looking for more stories and punishments! Let me know if you have some to share!

My league doesn’t do punishments, but I saw this and thought I’d share because it’s insane!

That. Is. Terrifying!