Loser Punishments (Fun Discussion)

Hey Clan,

I just thought it would be fun to here some other leagues punishments for the team that comes in last.

In the dynasty league I am in, the loser has to run what we call the “40 for 40,” where the Loser chugs a 40oz beer of the winners choosing (old English seems to be the most popular), then immediately run the 40 yard dash.

What are some your guys punishments for the last place finisher?

League Champ wins naming rights for the last place team. They must keep the name for the entire season.


Since our league is folks all over the place we are doing a thing where the league winner gets to choose any movie and the loser needs to do a serious video report on the movie to post on the league page. Silly but good fun

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Really like that idea!!

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After years of dealing with people who just stopped trying when they realized they couldn’t make the playoffs, we implemented our punishment to make people continue playing the season out. Last place in our league shows up at the next years draft with no facial hair, wearing a woman’s dress, and holds a sign for 15 minutes that states “I suck at fantasy football.”image

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In our League the last 2 places, have to serve the drinks for the rest of the league during Draft Day, we get 2 waiters for free. Its usually an 8 hour event, so there is more than 2 gallons of booze they have to serve with a ridiculous t-shirt and all the trolling included.looser`Preformatted text!

We are trying to implement additional punishments for the last place in our league, but currently we require the last place owner to host our draft party the following season. They have to do all the prep work and provide food for all the league owners + their guests.

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For our 5th annual we made it a little intense lol

Also had year 2 someone had to dress in a hooters uniform and spend a day of playoff football games at hooters

We’ve done some other stuff and other ideas.

Made a friend wear a Cubs Jersey to a STL cardinals game.
(Cardinals hate the cubs a lot)

And worst, the year after I won it all, I lost it all, and had to do an ESPN body issue photo shoot