Losing team just dropped all of their players

I don’t want to be a delta bravo as a commissioner, but I just had a team that is out of the playoffs and not the loser of the league drop all of his players, including, Cam, Brees, Zeke, Dalvin Cook, and Marlon Mack to the waivers. We play in a FAAB league and this automatically gives players with more FAAB an advantage. As commissioner do I lock those players on his team? Do I just let it go?

I’d lock the players as the commish, this actually happened in one of my friends league last year and players were locked.


Lock em up! Can’t have one slip through the cracks just because one of the teams is salty for losing. Hope things work out!

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Lock them. Whoever dropped would also not be invited back, and honestly if they had a chance at money they’d lose their right to money!

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Lock all but newton haha
I dropped cam in the leagues i had him, just to see someone pick him up and play him last week. As a result, he scored 4 points and in one of the league a guy started him and lost lol

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