Losing team needs some help

Alright, I am not giving up, but I need to make some moves. I have been offered Tonyan and Shenault for Lev Bell and Gibson.

Am I missing out on upside with both? Or am I just overthinking this and should lock in that solid TE with Shenault as a decent fall back for flex some weeks?

Another possible trade is Tonyan and CeeDee Lamb for Gibson and Justin Jefferson. I hate relying on Vikings.

I wouldn’t give up Gibson for Tonyan or Shenault. I don’t have trust Tonyan will keep it up, hopefully I’m wrong, and I don’t like getting a WR3/4 for a RB2/3. If you want to give up Lev Bell for Tonyan because of Bell’s uncertainty and they’re willing to sit on him that’s a move I’d make. Keep Gibson as your RB3 because you don’t have another option.

If this is PPR Trey Burton isn’t the wost TE out there right now. 1st 2 games back he’s seen 5 and 6 targets and made Mo and Doyle irrelevent.

It’s a trap.

Tonyan is definitely the best/most consistent TE Rodgers has had in a while, but I don’t think he’s ever thrown more than 8 TDs to a TE in a single season and that was an injury year too. That said, new coach, new system, etc. etc. and Big Rob looks good, but I wouldn’t count on him week to week just yet. I’m a GB fan and I think it’s more a byproduct of “well what do you do when there’s no Adams or Lazard?”

Shenault just means you have to pick between him and Chark each week and every time you get that wrong you’ll be mad at yourself.

Gibson is your RB3…yeah you’re stacked with Zeke and Henry but you’ll need help for bye weeks/covid weeks going forward. Bell is now a FA too so who knows what situation he lands in but it has to be better than the jets right? :crossed_fingers:

Lamb was looking great, but don’t think I want to rely on Dalton.

With Cam, Zeke, Henry…you’re locked in to do decent each week. Your WRs are just lacking consistency. Brown will have good weeks, Jefferson will have good weeks, Chark needs to get healthy. If you can flip a couple pieces to get more steady I think you’ll feel better.

Go find the Lamar owner and try to tempt them with the Hollywood Brown stack for a more steady piece (albeit lower ceiling).

And find another TE stream, if you’re not getting a top 3 TE, then it doesn’t make sense to trade for one

With Chark back thought Shenault didn’t see a dip in production. He can support both and now Chark is injured yet again.

Yea, I think it might be more worth it to stream a TE. Tonyan could be something amazing, it’s just hard, if he goes off I missed my chance to buy him low. But also Bell could land somewhere and be exciting. Like, my IDEAL scenario is Bell going to the Patriots and having the Newton Bell stack. But that’s wishful thinking.

I do need an upgrade at WR and I want to move Chark so bad but I don’t think anyone wants to buy in on him with how he’s performed.

Also, worth noting Lamar owner is 0-5. I’ve offered him Chark and Gibson for Kenyan Drake and Fuller.

He’s fed up with Drake but is hesitant to let go of Fuller, I’ve thought about bringing in Lamar to the discussion but I think he relies on the name too much and would never give him up.

With Chark not practicing, no way he will take him. Do I do Gibson and Jefferson for Fuller and Drake?