Lost Aaron Rodgers...Do I trade Jordy?

So I received an offer after losing Aaron Rodgers…

I’d give: Jordy, Kamara and Garcon
I’d Receive: Mccaffrey, Stafford & CJ Anderson

My team:
QB:Tyrod Taylor
RBs: Kamara, Duke, Kelley, J. Charles, Buck Allen and Abdullah
WRs: Keenan, Jordy, Michael Thomas, Garcon & Marvin Jones

QBs on waiver: Rivers, Manning, Siemian, Bortles & Briskett

Or should I try to get by streaming QBs?

I’m 3-3 and one spot out of a playoff spot right now…


second trade offer came in:

I would receive: Hogan and McCoy
I would give up: jordy, abdullah, and either Kamara or Duke (his choice)

You get two starting RBs. Albeit not the best starting Rbs. You need this depth since you have lots of RB2s and fliers.

Stafford. Why the extra QB? see if you can switch it to a WR. That way you aren’t giving up your depth there.

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Love this strategy. There will always be playable qbs on waivers so don’t see the need for Stafford. But your wr will certainly be good enough without jordy and adding those two starting. RBs will help a lot

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yeah id do it, i have a feeling hundley will go more to cobb and adams

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In a turn of events…I received another trade offer:

I would give up Jordy, Garcon, Abdullah & either Kamara/Duke

I would receive: Hogan and McCoy


This second trade I like better. You upgrade to an RB1. Try and hold onto Kamara and give up Duke.

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