Lost Barkley, Had to make a move what do you all think?

Sent - Hopkins and Jeudy
Received - Julio and Hunt

Worth noting PPR and I am 0-2

Here is my roster.

Nice pick up with Hunt. He has stand alone value in that offense. Julio will frustrate you some weeks (I own him as well) but you wont lose any value from Hopkins.

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Looks good! I prefer Hopkins to Julio but not bad trade over all!

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not sure I would’ve done that, like the other comment Julio is going to aggravate some weeks and I think Hopkins will be solid all year. Pus Jeudy has huge upside not since Sutton is gone, he may just be force fed since it’s him and Fant and that’s it. Think they could’ve given a higher value at RB for you to feel a little more stable there.

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