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Lost DJ and OBJ.. 4-1 TEAM needing advice!


So luckily I’m 4-1 but have had bad luck and lost DJ week 1 and now OBJ This week.

I know I need to seek out a WR To replace OBJ. Who on my team would you give up to get a replacement.

10 team standard scoring
Start 1 QB, 2RB,3WR and 1 flex

QB- Rivers and Alex smith
RB- Ajayi, Gurley, Mccaffery, cohen, smallwood, kamara
WR- Keenan allen, Baldwin, amendola, rishard Matthews
TE- Ertz
IR- David johnson(RB), OBJ(WR), Corey Davis (WR)

So I was holding on to DJ till the end of the year hoping he would be a playoff boost if he comes back… But might need to try and trade him. Not sure he would get much but may try to package him now.

So who would you try and deal for a good WR.
I was thinking the only players that have real value that I could maybe get away with is dealing ajayi or mccaffery for a good WR and hoping kamara can be my RB2.

Thoughts? Any advice on who I should deal and still give me a shot to win the title… I’m not giving up yet but def discouraged with the losses I’ve had so far.

Thanks footclan


Id target sanders tbh. Package rivers and dj. See if someone bites. Maybe throw in Smallwood as well.


Anyone else have any advice on who to trade from my team.?


Are you looking for the rest of year or possible streaming options? There’s plenty of great streamers coming up and your depth isn’t bad for WR as it is. I’d look at grabbing someone off the waiver wire with a good matchup like Fuller against the browns this week if you need an immediate fix.


@jaguileraroh looking for long term… Like playoff time… I feel with my record and team I can still make the playoffs… But to be able to win now will be hard without OBJ… So looking long term.

Fuller is already picked up btw.


its hard to suggest without seeing the rest of your league. I would suggest possibly looking at teams who were also affected by injuries. maybe look at the team who lost Ty Montgomery or teams who are relying on a RB in a committee, like Jordan Howard owner or Demarco Murray. Check their receivers out, since they are probably looking for an RB. If you see any possibility, package McCaffrey with a WR (McCaffrey not as valuable in STND). Or package Ajayi with a lower end WR you have for a higher end WR and lower end RB. Hope this helps!


@Islandboy09 thanks sir… Ill. Look at those teams and see if I can package Mccaffery to one of those teams.


Got you, I’d agree though find someone desperate for RBs. You’re not going to be able to replace OBJ unfortunately but possibly picking up someone like Davante Adams or Demaryius Thomas would help. Looking more towards the WR2 type as getting a top ten guy will be difficult unless someone wants to sell Julio Jones cheap.


id move gurley and cohen for some value