Lost DJ? Lets all cry together (and talk about k. williams)

So looks like DJ owners will be without him for 12 weeks.

I guess Kerwynn williams is the guy to get? If so how much are you going to spend on him in a ppr FAAB format ($100 total for season)?

Im thinking people will be spending well over 20ish dollars. Is he worth it?

Lost DJ as well… I’m waiting to hear more tomorrow… Word is they could sign Chris johnson… Ryan Matthews is a FA… The patriots have 4 RBs… Maybe they trade one.

Alot of scenarios…

I’m waiting till Tuesday night to make a decion… But prob 20% of budget…

The team is talking about resigning Chris Johnson as well. I feel like someone will make a higher reach then 20% so if you really believe in Williams ability to stand out, go 30%.

It’s a risky bet but it could have a big upside if the Cardinals can get their offense together.

Ive still got Crow, miller, jstew, rawls. of course woodhead screwed me too.

Check back in tomorrow night, frosty let me know who youre going to target

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@tony_tok will do…

Cardinals just signed DJ foster from the patriots.

More choices now… I’ll let you know what I decide tomorrow night

Ya I’m thinking about spending $101 of my $500 FAB. My only solid rbs are Lynch, Crowell, and Blount.

I’m thinking I should maybe spend more? Thoughts??

You have $500 faab? What the heck.

I mean most plp are spending 50% of budget on a RB this week if they lost DJ… So I would consider that

Ya. First year doing FAB for our entire league and it’s so much money so I have no idea how people are gonna spend it. And have no idea how I should spend it…

Since its your leagues first year… You might be able to get away with $100.

More experienced leagues with Faab will spend 50%.

Most leagues faab is 100-200$ so not sure how to help with the 500$ budget…

In my 100 league most waiver claims are 2-7… But players with a huge injury or huge breakout game go for 25-50 usually


Lots of scenarios depending on how big your bench is… Or how many players you think you can drop.

Here is my opinion of the route in going.

This is my order of priority

Tarik cohen
Mike tolbert
Kerwynn Williams
Buck allen
Chris Johnson
Marlon mack

I’m spending like $20-25 of my budget on first 2 guys.
$10-15 on next two. Prob $3-5 on last 2.

Tarik Cohen… This feeds into my doubt of Jordan Howard all year so I might weight him alittle more… But he was good and he is a better pass catcher than Howard and they should be down alot so I think he has the best change to boom out of the RBs I’m considering…

Mike tolbert is alot like Cohen just not as explosive… He got alot of snaps behind mccoy and think he will be used alot… Also if mccoy goes down he is the #1 and will produce big… So kinda hoping for a injury to mccoy but if not I still think he has value.

Kerwynn Williams… Is a capable back… He has a nice matchup with the colts and he is the most knowlegable of the play book of any and all RBs coming into arizona. Williams has very little upside IMO… He will prob always get 8 pts but don’t think he is the boost you need. I also think owners will target him to screw David Johnson owners and might leave you free to grab the other 2…

Buck allen is going to see a big upgrade for 4 weeks or more with wood head out… He will need catches to be realavent but he might be a good pickup if you can’t get the others.

If you have a deep bench id def grab Chris Johnson… He isn’t signed yet by the cardinals but I think they will soon… I think he will struggle a couple weeks but then I think he could be a huge upside guy… I don’t have the bench size to roll the dice but if you do. You might hit gold. Never know.

Mack Should of had 2 TDs last week… But stuiped head coach… Gore is still the heavy workload back but I think Mack is the goaline back and the future colts back IMO… He isn’t out there in some leagues… But if he is and you miss on the others. Add just in case.

That’s my list… Hope it helps someone… Honestly after looking closely at all these guys I think they are solid flex plays… But we will still prob have to trade some WR for some lesser name backs to fill the RB1 HOLE DJ left in our lineup. Back like Like west, miller, Montgomery etc.


good post frosty, i think im leaning to go cheap and scoop allen since of course i had DJ and woodhead lol. and im able to spend a little less. Seems to me there will be a lot of traffic in the arizona backfield and i want to steer clear of it! unfortunately we have deep benches so tarik cohen is not an open for me

My inexperienced league did allow me to get away with $130 on Cohen. Good Advice man :+1: