Lost Evans & Ridley....roster help :(

So my WR core was decimated this past weekend, especially since Thielen still has his hammy issue. Luckily nobody was active this week for the semis so I was able to pick up both AJ Brown and Mostert.

Would you change anything about my lineup this week? I’m trying to repeat this year and bring that trophy back for the #footclan!

QB- Brees
WR- Thielen, AJ Brown
RB- Zeke, Jones
TE- Waller
Flex- Mostert
DST- Pitt

Bench: Justin Watson, Shepard, Singletary, Mattison, Hollister, Fitzpatrick

Thanks for the help!

I haven’t seen any reports about Thielen.
That’s the only thing that concerns me about your lineup. Other than that, it looks pretty solid.

Ya the fact that I haven’t heard any positive news on thielen is worrisome. If I’m choosing between Shepard and Watson its basically a coin flip but I’m leaning towards Watson only because I have more faith in Winston’s ability to get the ball to him.

Some people might argue that OJ Howard is going to get way more involved. Little scary man- jumping right in with Watson. If you got a gut feeling go with it.
I feel more comfortable with Shepherd than I would Watson.

That’s just me though-

ya Shepard does Miami which is Juicy…my thought on Watson is Godwin will draw coverage from Darius Slay which will open up opportunity for both Perriman and Watson, not to mention Det is already garbage defending the pass anyways.

UGH- forgot about Slay. There goes my Godwin confidence boost.

ya my opponent this week has Godwin and I’m hoping Slay shuts him down lol