Lost Jimmy G..... Help!

Should I go full board streaming ever week? Someone dropped Fitzpatrick he won’t be avaible for waivers till friday should I go after him and Drop Jordan Wilkins and get Winston as a stash or just go for Flacco or Eli?

I wouldn’t stream fitz vs the bears @ the bears. But yeah streaming is totally fine. Not even entirely clear Winston will start so wouldn’t waste a bench spot there either. Just pick the best streamer every week and go with it. Eli/Dalton are both fine for this week. Flacco not horrible either.

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Dalton and Tannehill are guys I would look at for the near future.

@ psychosem17
You aren’t nervous about Tannehill? I only ask because I have to make a similar streaming decision and basically it comes down to Flacco, Tannehill, or a longer term FAAB investment in Baker.

Worried this week or RoS? I like Tanny’s floor. I think it is pretty high floor. He has shown that he will still take off running if need be (which was a concern after missing last year) and he is getting the benefit of all of the play makers around him with the tap passes and stuff. I think most weeks he is going to be pretty consistently in the 250-2 discussion. You can do a lot worse. Flacco is about the same, but doesn’t run as much (or at all) that puts Tanny over the top between the two to me he has 26 yards one game and 44 yards rushing another game this year so far (didn’t do much in week one but that was a strange game with all the stoppages).

My thoughts were Eli, Flacco, Tannehill in that order I really want to take a shot on Baker I’m not sure if that is wise tho

Tannehil is definitely a good one as well. Totally forgot about him.

Streaming is just fine… If i were to stream it would be Baker Mayfield

Dalton and Baker both have really nice upcoming schedules. I’m streaming them in my leagues