Lost McKinnon! PPR Pick up Morris, Peterson, Powell, Barber?

FML I just lost McKinnon! Who do I pick up?
Available RBs in my full PPR league:
A. Morris
B. Powell
A. Peterson
P. Barber
L. Murray

TIA Footclan!

I’d actually probably go Morris here, but none are bad options. Powell if PPR

Yes, it’s a PPR. Thanks!

Barber, he’s a starter right now.

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only real starter on that list ATM
all will get work though

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Barber, easily.

ALso, why did you make 3 posts for the same topic? You realize you can add multiple tags to the same post right…?

Didn’t realize I could do that. I’m a newbie…obviously. Thanks MikeMeUpp

I’m in the same situation, so what about breida?

He’s not available in my league.