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Lost McKinnon. Trade Help


Lost Mckinnon Today…
Was offered Rex Burkhead for my Jamison Crowder. Thoughts?
14 team league, PPR, heres my starting lineup.

QB- M. Stafford
RB- D. Johnson
RB- T. Cohen
WR- L. Fitzgerald
WR- JuJu Smith
WR/TE - Emmanuel Sanders
TE - K. Rudolph
FLX - J. Crowder

WR - M. Gallup
WR- K. Cole
WR - Q. Enunwa
WR- G. Allison
RB - A. Morris
RB- J. Conner


If you have Alf on your bench, i think that you are fairly well insulated. A lot of the takes I am hear is that Morris ought to see the nod over Breida.

Crowder seems like a good consistent PPR guy to me, especially with Smith under center. I guess this comes down to how you feel about Sexy Rexy. I am not high on him, I dont think I would do it.