Lost my top 2 TEs- Help!

in my dynasty ppr league my TEs are O.J.Ho, Eifert, and Gesicki.
Available on the wire are B.Watson, N.Vannett, R.Ellison, C.J.Uz, Kroft, J.James, Heuerman.

Waivers happen in a couple hours so, I need to make a decision.

I have the #1 waiver priority.
Would you blow it for one of these guys,
just grab the best one that is left after the waiver period in a couple hours,
go with Gesicki till O.J.Ho gets back?
If so, which one do you think is worth blowing the #1 waiver slot for?

Thanks for any input you can share in the next hour or so.

Don’t blow it for a TE. Wait and see who is left, only use that #1 waiver wire on a season changing player, preferably a RB.

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