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Lost OBJ now what?


I’m being offered Watson, Ajayi and Kyle Rudolph for Fournette, it’s half pt ppr and my other backs are gore, Powell and West who I’m dropping. My receivers are Hurns, Crabtree and rishad Matthews! I lost obj, Charles Clay and Powell this weekend and Eli is my qb who’s also being dropped. I really need help is this a decent trade? I’m sitting at 3-1 currently


Depends how big your league is and how many players are servicable on waivers.

I’d probably take that. Your starting line up will be improved in 3 areas. I personally like Rudolph even though he’s not done great this year. Watson is the person is look to swap out. He’s playing at peak and his bye is coming up. Ajayi will come good.

Fournette is a huge game changer so it depends if you’d rather spread your game or load up at one spot.

I got gronk and Baldwin for Fournette and crabtree last week so that’s my level of where I value fournette


Sterling shepard will get a lot of targets. Trade for him.


There is absolutely nothing on waivers I’m in a league full of vultures lmao I think I’ll shoot some trades to diff teams before I accept this see if I can capitalize on his value


I’m not a fan of Eli…do u really believe him and Shepard can be good?


Shepard will be the WR1 – someone has got to catch the ball so the volume will be there, and he’s talented enough to make something of it.

That being said, they have Denver followed by Seattle and a Bye, so I wouldn’t pay too much for him.


I think, given your situation, I would do it too. You are getting some productive players, especially Watson. I am losing more and more faith in Ajayi as the Fins OL is terrible and Cutler scares no one. It is tough to deal Fournette but there has to be something on the waiver wire…Jav Allen, J McKinnon, A Jones, Marlon Mack. They could be decent spot-plays but at the very least will give you depth. Do the trade and then do some shopping


Anybody else? I’m really close to hitting the accept button