Lost Saquon - Update: Josh Kelley + Amari Cooper for Joe Mixon?

10 Team Standard Scoring

WRs are: Amari Cooper, Adam Thielen, Michael Gallup. DJ Moore, Jamison Crowder
RBs are: Saquon (Out), Miles Sanders, Mark Ingram, Boston Scott, Malcolm Brown, Lev Bell, and Josh Kelley

Obviously have more RBs but not sure how many are startable.

I’d give up Ingram (who I got for $1 on waivers plus Cooper for Mixon)

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Cooper might be too much. Find the Dobbins owner and see what they need. Might be more inclined to take Ingram and maybe Gallup/Cooper depending on how high you go.

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Unfortunately, the JK Dobbins owner is a huge Ohio State fan and will ask for an arm and a leg.

I can see if he’d go for Gallup or Thielen. He’s looking to upgrade his flex over Tyler Boyd if that helps.

I meant trade him Ingram because he has Dobbins. Try to go after one of his other RBs.

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My bad. that makes much sense.

The Dobbins owner has Ekeler, Carson, and Aaron Jones. Don’t think he’ll sell Jones off the week he just had. So need to figure out if he’d move Ekeler or Carson for Ingram + one of those guys.

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That’s where I would start.

Owner just countered with Mixon for Cooper and Kelley.

That seems even better to me? Guess he’s worried about Baltimore backfield

Mixon is a huge question mark…and at this point is producing like Ingram is… He could come back and do fine…but he just hasn’t been able to produce on that team…Losing Cooper seems steep for him. I would counter with a lesser WR and see what you can get. If he doesn’t budge then you could probably take it…but you’re losing your best WR…and Gallup is getting out targeted by Ceedee Lamb…I would try and throw him Gallup and Malcolm Brown for Mixon…see what happens.