Lost Thompson

Lost Chris Thompson today as my RB2 In a PPR, is Danny woodhead a decent play for next week? Didn’t catch the game to see if he was limited.

I lost him 2.

thats my third RB this season.

I think im grabbing Perine

Woodhead looked decent today. I was at the game

Woodhead was definitely limited. played a lot in the first half, didn’t see him much in the second. but he looked good when he was on the field, and since Baltimore clearly could tell the Packers offense wasn’t going to score they may have held him out second half to avoid injury in the cold.

But Collins was the running back and woodhead was in on 3rd down and passing situations. he did get some runs as well I believe.

So let me ask. I have gordon as my RB1. Thompson was a beast in PPR. should I start Alfred Morris, woodhead, or Ty Montgomery? Sadly Perine has been picked up.

As of right now I would call on woodhead in full ppr. Morris is a beast right now tearing up that eagles D. But full ppr woodhead has huge upside in probably the best schedule ros

woodhead. If Rodgers was QB then Montgomery, but even if he plays I wouldn’t trust him until I see a good game out of him. I have had him on the bench since he broke his ribs, I wouldn’t play him unless my other RBs get hurt. Morris is a decent play I think but not going to get you any catches. Woodhead will probably have at least 4 catches every week going forward.

Sweet I’ll play woodhead. I have a flex position open but I typically use Sanu since he’s a safe play. Would Morris be better than Sanu there?