Lots of horrible matchups. One choice

You get one guy. PPR. Who do you pick?

Monty vs. Min
Sanders vs. Jax
Landry @ Bal
Brown vs. NE

Thanks footclan!

Monty be Minnesota. If the Bears can contain the run then that forces the Vikings to throw. I think the Bears will use that to their advantage and pound the rock. The Vikings D is solid but has shown weakness in some instances.

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You’re not worried about the MIN run D being stout as well? I can see this game ending with less than 20 points scored.

For me the choice would be between Sanders and Montgomery, I would probably lean towards Sanders just because I don’t trust Nagy to feed Monty the ball and Sanders gets a decent amount of targets per game and is Flacos top WR in the red zone, but its close and I can’t say I particularly like any of your guys with the matchups they have.

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I definitely am but there’s always the chance that Monty falls into the end zone for a short TD to salvage a less than stellar showing.

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