Lots of WR depth, need RB depth

I am looking for some RB depth and I have a lot of WR depth. There is a team in my league that has Sanders sitting on the bench. They also have Scary Terry on their bench too. I like both but due to this team owner being extremely new (her first year) to fantasy football it is harder to get new owners to trade.

10-team Standard Redraft

My team:
QB: Murray
RB: Jacobs
RB: Drake
WR: Golladay
WR: Lockett
TE: Fant
Flex: J. Taylor

D.J. Moore
Diontae Johnson

Other team:
QB: prescott
RB: Gurley
RB: Singletsary
WR: Adams
WR: Gallup
TE: Waller
Flex: Kupp

A. Peterson

I am looking to see if they would be willing to trade Sanders for Woods/Johnson, but I see that will take all of their RB depth and I am trying to avoid taking advantage of new fantasy owners. Would a Woods for Mclaurin or possibly Woods/Johnson for Mclaurin since I have the depth to cover the loss of both for McLaurin.

Any thoughts/comments for discussion would be appreciated. Thanks Footclan!

Don’t think you can go for Sanders. You would have to add an RB to the mix and you don’t have the depth. If you are high on McLaurin (I am), I think you can get him for Woods straight up. Adding Johnson is too much.

Yeah, I was originally thinking that, but she is a first time fantasy owner, so I know how hard it is to get them to trade. Plus, 1st timers tend to over value if you contact them for a trade.