Love all my WRs, need to pick 3

Pierre Garcon vs Washington (His old team, no Norman, no competition on his own team)
Tyreek Hill vs Pittsburgh (#1 passing defense)
Devin Funchess vs Philadelphia (weak secondary, stay in the flames?)
Golden Tate vs New Orleans (shootout/get right game for Tate/Lions)

–Standard scoring 14team league

wow that’s not an easy pick. Some questions I have, What’s your record and are you projected to win or lose? These should determine your starters and who you flex.

Based on the ballers rankings you should go Hill, Funchess, Tate.

What I’m really seeing is you don’t have a real WR1. Maybe after this week you should try to upgrade so you don’t have to pick between four WR2s.

My record is 2-3.
My current starting lineup is:
D. Watson
M. Gordon
M. Mack (usually Mixon) (could play Alex Collins) (Rob Kelley also hurt so that doesn’t help)(Burkhead on bench/ready to drop)
T. Hill
D. Funchess
P. Garcon
E. Engram
Chargers DST

It’s a 14 team league so those that do have a WR1 are holding on tight.

I’d sit funchess.

other 3 have a longer track record of scoring fantasy points reliably.

Good point. Who’s projected to win your match-up this week?

I’m projected to win by 8

I’ve had Funchess on my bench the past 2 weeks and feel like I’m missing out