Love/Hate Fantasy Season 2019

So the 2019 Fantasy Season is officially over (even for you week 17 players).

This was certainly another fun season, some very predictable things but I think way more unpredictable.

I feel like every year I dive deeper and deeper in stats and just try to notice different numbers to gain an advantage.

There was one particular stat that I hated so much though:

Air yards. I know the purpose of this stat but oh man did I hate it. It made me play Mike Williams a little too much and kept him on my bench for way too long.

Anything that you loved or hated from this year’s fantasy season?

dear footballers, I am so overwhelmed with copious amounts of joy this morning. I am proud to say after being a listener for 3 years I can finally say that I am a fantasy CHAMP and boy does it feel so good. I was going against a juggernaut of an opponent. “mahomes,kelce,cook,barkley,cmc,kupp, new England dst” he was whooping me the first week by 50 points, but I never gave up listened to your podcast everyday in the gym, made my pivots and won by the skin of my teeth with Raheem MUST START’s, second td. I love you guys, keep doing what you are doing, huge fan. -Chris

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