Low PF but 3-0

First year playing FF and my team is in the bottom 4 (of 10) for the number of points they’ve generated (PF). I’ve got extremely lucky and my team is undefeated but that means that I’ve not had the chance to pick up anyone good from the waiver wire. What should my long term strategy be?
(1 PPR league)

Long term is to find a better RB2, try packing cooper and Powell or Allen for an upgrade


Hope that Amari Copper has good game this week and then trade him for an RB2 to a WR lacking owner.


This wait till Amari blows up and sell him high.


Don’t panic… Coleman is slowly becoming the back to own in that Atlanta offense; like others it’d benefit you to add another solid back… I’d be selling shares of Fitzpatrick left and right if I had any… he’s looked good for stretches before but you’d be better off swapping him while his value is high than when he eventually turns back into Ryan Fitzpatrick.

I was 6-7 last year yet finished with the leagues highest point total (and won the championship as the 6 seed) so just focus on winning next week, and getting better with every move. You don’t need to make massive block buster deals to become better either.