Lowest Scoring but 5-3?!

Highest scoring guy is in 1st at 7-1 with 1200+ PF.
I’m sitting in 5th place at 5-3 with 1000 PF.
All other teams are between him and I for points except 1 team at 950+ PF.

My next 4 games will be against the top 4 scoring guys. How can I turn this around? Or am I punting this week and focus on building for the weeks to come?

*I’ve tried trading Howard away but it’s not working out so far.

2RB - 3WR - 1FLX

QB: Winston, Stafford
RB: Barkley (Bye), Lindsay, Howard, A.Jones
WR: Tate (Bye), Hilton (Bye), Davis, Sutton, Jordy (dropping), Snead, Kirk (Bye), A.Miller
TE: Jared Cook
K: Lutz

Well you should never punt a week first and foremost. Always play to win no matter what. And always start the players each week that give you the best chance of scoring the most points possible.

That being said, there are still ways to build this thing. Start with who’s available on WW. You really need WR depth so check there first. In addition to Jordy you can also drop Winston to pick someone up as you don’t need 2 QBs plus Winston is benched.

Aaron Jones finally broke out last week and if that continues he’s a surefire RB2 for your team. So if you can’t trade Howard, see if anyone would accept Lindsay in a trade and maybe net you a decent WR in return. Sutton’s value is also on the rise now that DT is traded. You have options to keep this thing rolling.

Not to mention even the highest scoring teams can have bad weeks, so maybe you can luck out.

I guess I should have worded it better. Not necessarily punting but play my best and accept the loss since the projection is 140 -115 even though I know in the back of my mind projections don’t mean anything.

Waivers include at first glance: Fitzpatrick, Coutee, David Moore

I saw that A.Jones got a boost with the Ty Mont trade so that’s something to look forward to.
Was thinking of pulling off some trades to see if could get stronger like some other teams.
Would the Lindsay trade be like a RB/WR package for a different RB/WR?

I think Coutee is definitely worth snagging. He should still have plenty of opportunity, even with the Thomas acquisition.

And it depends on the other teams of course, but yuo could package Lindsay or he might work in a straight up trade for a higher-end WR2 type player.

And if you really wanna swing for the fences this week (with the low point projections) you could roll the dice with Fitzmagic!

So the only person I was able to pick up was David Moore. As expected, the guy with the #1 Waiver pick got Fitz.

Is Sutton someone I should be looking to trade? Or see what happens with him? I was looking to trade Tate away as well but with him switching teams and on another bye it’s been hard there as well.