Luck and Hilton - most underated players of 2018

Have you read this article?

After reading I believe that Luck and Hilton are the most underrated players of 2018. I think that the new coaching staff will be a great improvement on the last. Luck, assuming he’s healthy should thrive. Hilton should easily return to the mean with Luck and even with Jacoby Brissett can be effective. The “Beef Brisket” now has a full year of play under his belt and if the 2017 coaching staff played differently in the 4th quarter, then we’d all be talking differently about him and the Colts.


I had Hilton and Luck a few years ago, even when they were good I didn’t enjoy them like others do. I was in possession of them both once again recently and had no issues moving away from them once again. There’s a lot of upside if they’re healthy and clicking, but being that it’s dynasty and I have no interest in the Colts as an actual team, and I previously didn’t enjoy owning them… I moved them for other pieces.

If in redraft they’re available at value in the draft, I’ll likely roll the dice. But to me, dynasty is for guys I truly want to own and root for year after year, and there should be enough swappable pieces to get what you want to.

They’re still valued in both my dynasty leagues as close to elite but possible flags. Shopping them wasn’t easy, but I suppose if other value is there, people will take the risk.

They can be underrated on someone else’s team. I don’t trust that franchise to put a competent roster on the field. Luck may save them, but he also may continue to take a ridiculous amount of punishment and never be the same player again. Hilton without Luck isn’t much, imo. Getting Barkely could also help, but I don’t know if they have enough of a line for him to make the impact he should.

And actually, I think they’re going to go pretty high do to exactly this type if hype.

I can understand if those players burnt you in the past. We are all victims of one of ‘those’ players. Like Mike Evans, every other year.

Despite that, my take away from the article is that the team did put a competent offensive roster on the field. It was coaching alone that prevented them from winning more games. I don’t think that is a mainstream thought right now.

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