Luck is out... Do I follow through with Adams for Hilton?

The trade gets passed through tomorrow at 8pm - it is already accepted:

My davante adams + buck allen (could care less about allen) = his t.y hilton

It’s a ppr league

Assuming Luck doesn’t come back, is this still a good trade?

Neither receiver is in a great situation, obviously, but we’ve seen Hilton be somewhat productive without Luck. He seems to be a little bit boom/bust right now, but if Luck comes back in 3 weeks, his value goes up. Adams is more of an unknown so I would be glad to deal with that uncertainty to get Hilton who may have a good final 5-6 weeks if Luck comes back.

yeah go get t.y. Davante adams is touchdown dependent and idk if hundley can support him like that. T.y. has had more than one big game with jacoby brissett already so I think he is definitely the better option