Luck or Dalton this week

Who would you start? In need of a win badly. Luck has been hot, but Jets defense is playing above average. Dalton is always hit or miss, but Pitts defense has mostly been awful.

As a steelers fan… I say roll with Dalton. The game looks like it could turn into a shootout IMO.

Game script should favor Mixon as I think Cincy at home should be ahead. It’s ‘Road Ben’ and at Cincy he averages less than 15 fantasy ppg. That doesn’t mean Dalton won’t produce. I think Luck has a better chance at 300 yards. I can see Cincy-Pitt being more along the lines of 27-24 or something like that.

Thanks for the opinions guys, both valid points, but I now find myself still conflicted lol.

Any other input? Im leaning towards luck currently

I am facing this decision myself. I own Luck and Dalton is on waivers. As juicy as Dalton is, doesn’t matter how good a defense is if a QB as good as Luck is goes out and throws it 50+ times, he’ll produce.

Also this. Road Ben, in Cinci, is historically pretty awful for fantasy. Not to mention Bengals actually get Burfict back this week which is pretty huge.