Luck or Landry

16 team PPR dynasty league. Landry owner wants to trade for my Andrew Luck. I’m not in love with the trade but I have depth at QB and am a little low at WR so I’m considering it. My other QBs are Trubiski and Foles and my other notable WRs are Calvin Ridley Alshon Jeffery and Chris Conley . Is this trade worth my time? Thanks

No its not based on your other QBs add in a pick at least. I’m sure if you are willing to flip luck you prob could pull a better reciver then landry or at least equal value + 2020 2nd

16 team dynasty, thats too low of value. if you have plenty of depth at QB and are willing to move him, go for it. but get a little more out of it. its dynasty, so if he quotes an injury at you bat that shit down right away. his value stays the same as last year healthy. you can get way more.