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Luck or Rivers with Tyrod on waivers?


Luck v Bengals or Rivers v Chiefs for week 1? Full PPR. Luck is my man, but thinking I need to give him a game or two. Tyrod is on waivers, in case anyone thinks he beats out both Rivers and Luck?


Tyrod might beat rivers out… But I wouldn’t drop him for tyrod as I don’t think tyrod starts the whole season…

So I’d plug rivers in… Safe 16-20 pt floor usually and I agree I love luck this year but I’d give him a week or 2 before I start him


Rivers…how is this even close. Have you seen that KC defense? Their starting corner backs are literally replacement level players.


I didn’t look at it that way. Bueno.


Berry might not play as well. Rivers or Big Ben and Luck is a good one-two at QB to play match ups. Rivers first 3-4 games look good to me for him and then you can sit back and see what Luck looks like and go from there.