Luck or Smith this week?

Luck or Smith this week? 4pt TD league. I know Smith is being higher ranked this week, but I would be stacking Luck with Hilton which brings additional value to my team. It makes it even tougher to decide because they are playing each other so if Smith does have a big game against the colts defense then Luck is going to have to air it out to keep up right?

personally with smiths rushing ability and less risk of injury (right now in week 2) is who i would rather start, but can seriously go either way on it and you won’t be wrong.

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It depends, is your matchup against a powerhouse team or is the team relatively weak? If they’re a powerhouse I’d go Luck because he can provide a higher upside, if they’re not Smith might be safer.

His lineup:
QB: Brady
RB: Lewis, White
WR: Brown, Thomas
TE: Kelce
Flex: J. Williams

So outside of those WR’s and TE I don’t think his lineup is very strong especially with Brady playing @JAX, he is projected to out score me by 10 points though

My lineup
QB: Luck or Smith
RB: DJ, Mixon
WR: D. Adams, Hilton
TE: Burton
Flex: Hyde

I probably play Luck. Thinking about it more I feel like his floor is relatively high.