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Luck Trade Value


Is he worth trading for and trying to buy low? The guy who drafted him also has Big Ben and is a Pittsburgh fan so I don’t think he’s attached to Luck. I have Dalton. The Luck owner got wasted at the draft and has no rb depth, as in we start 2 RBs and he has two RBs, lol. I have Hunt, Crowell, Abdullah, Powell, Martin, and Gore. Should I try to make something happen?


I would. Nothing wrong with being on the good side of a trade rape. Think of it as value/risk. You might get a top tier QB for what could amount to 1 or 2 RB 2’s. That;s not bad in my opinion. The worst that happens is he turns you down, or Luck goes on IR. I don’t think they will list him on IR because they did not look for a true replacement for him this year. For ex, cutler came in for Tannehill. Nobody is coming in for Luck. Just my opinion, good luck!