Lucky to be 2-2-1 what to do this week?

Starting line up 1QB/1RB/2 WR/1 TE/2 Flex/1 K/ 1 D 16 team full ppr

So lost Barkley and D Adams and was holding out hope Barkley would be back this week… but appears not to be the case. My roster is smoke and mirrors as I have won my last 2 without Barkley and Adams.

QB: Cousins
RB: Barkley/Jacobs/Penny/Darrel W
WR: Adams/Fuller/MVS/Coutee/Hardman
TE: TJ H/Hernden/Ebron
K: Gay/Nugent

Redraft league with 1 keeper each season(Barkley). Who would you be shopping and targeting going forward as I am doubtful Adams plays either this week. Hanging in there and getting my RB/WR back hopefully next week would feel much better going forward. Not a trade happy league so sometimes requires a little over pay to make a deal happen.