Lutz or Koo ROS?

While Will Lutz was on bye I picked up Younghoe Koo who had an amazing game of 20 points this week. He also had 13 last week as well as 17 in week 2.

Moving forward I am now torn on which kicker to keep as Lutz has been a reliable, consistent, top kicker but Koo seems to have a higher ceiling and much more FG opportunity. Lutz also has already had his bye week while Koo has his in week 10.

I need to pick up a defense this week and should drop one of them as having two kickers is not smart.

Who should I keep? Which one would be better rest of season? I am 2-4 after an 0-4 start if that information affects any advice. Thanks!

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Our situations are EXACTLY the same. Started 0-4, now 2-4. Have Lutz, added Koo. I ended up dropping Koo and the only reason was because of their track records, that’s it. I have no logic behind it other than that, the offenses are about the same, at least in both being able to get downfield enough times for both K’s to be in position, so I just went with who’s proven it longer, and also that you’re past Lutz’s BYE. But really can’t blame you for going with either, Koo was a great pickup.

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I feel I may go with Koo as he seems to have a much higher ceiling. Being 2-4 that may help me win some weeks where the consistent Wil Lutz may not lose me the week but also not be as explosive. The name just is what keeps me from making the final decision.

I see the falcons as a team likely to keep getting hammered each week…so you know they’re going to score with ridley and julio so you’ll get the XP, but they’ll have to continuously play catchup OR continue scoring to keep up.

NO feels like a more solid team that can score 21 and win…I always ride with massive upside kickers, I’d rather have the possibility of a 15 than a guaranteed 5.

It’s Koo for me

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Koo ended last season fantastically as well. He seems to be as reliable as they come for fantasy right now

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Younghoe Koo is the #1 kicker in the league in my opinion. I dropped Greg Zurelien for him.