Lynch, Cohen, Miller

I am currently the #1 waiver wire claim in my league, someone dropped Lamar Miller, I have lynch, Burkhead and Cohen on my bench, with hunt and Devonte Freeman as starters, do I drop one of those first 3 rbs for miller?

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I am a wait on see on Tarik Cohen. Id rather have Cohen week 1 just to see what his role will be in the bears new offense. Im a huge bears fan and this is what Matt Nagy said about Tarik Cohen.

“He’s actually the one kid on this team that I knew had a lot of talent, but he comes out here and runs every route the right way, catches most balls and he doesn’t make a lot of mistakes, He’s a player you get giddy about.”

Cohen also had 3 to 4 50+ yard touchdowns called back last year for penalty or suspect calls saying he stepped out of bounds. And that was with Jon Fox running the show.

I’d say you are really asking do you pick up Miller and drop Burkead. Burkhead (and any RB in NE is such a wild card). If Lamar Miller is even close to as good as he was last year when Watson was in the game, he has RB1 upside (can’t believe Im saying that). I personally would rather have Lamar Miller right now, especially while Foreman lives on the pup. Keep in mind the Patriots spent a first round pick on a running back. He will get every opportunity to take over the backfield (as long as he doesn’t fumble it away).

Lamar Miller, does not belong on the waiver. I would drop Cohen in a heartbeat for him. He is the lead RB for a good offense. Easy RB2 with Rb1 upside. Get him right away.

Im telling you @MikeMeUpp, I think cohen is going to suprise people this year. I would not be the least bit surprised if he averages 5+ catches a game with a few rushes. Cohen will have some huge games this year with a reasonable floor in 1/2 ppr because of his pass catching. Nagy will get him the ball in space.

But its hard to ignore the td potential of burkhead.

And… I agree, You should go get Lamar Miller, whether you drop Cohen or Burkhead.

That’s nice. Lamar miller is going to average 15+ touches a game. I’ll take that over your 5 catches and a few rushes every day of the week.

Not to mention Miller is the goal line back as well so more TDs.

Cohen is a scat back on a mediocre offense. If you think Trubisky and the bears are going to support ARob, Miller, Burton, Howard, and Cohen as all fantasy relevant players, you’re in for a rude awakening. Of all those pieces, Cohen is top of my list to fail.

I 100% agree. I take Lamar Miller over Tarik Cohen any day of the week. I just think Tarik Cohen has more upside for my 4th rb than Burkhead. But that could change after a couple weeks when we see this new offense in Chicago. There are a lot weapons there now so it will be interesting to see how the move the ball around.

Beat reporters in Chicago are often saying, “I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if Burton lead the team in receiving at the end of the year.”

You realize Burkhead had more Red Zone carries than any other RB in the league down the stretch last year right? Doesn’t matter how much improvement you think there will be in the bears offense, you think it will come remotely close to the patriots offense?

No offense to beat reporters, but they’re mostly just average fans like you and I observing in person. No one has a clue whats going to happen until the season starts.

What I know is this, Patriots run more offensive plays than any other team in the NFL. They also score more than any other team in the NFL, aside from maybe the saints. And they run more plays for their RBs in the red zone than any other team in the NFL. Which is why their RBs are always productive. It’s why both Lewis and Burkhead both had multiple RB1 finishes down the stretch last season. It’s why every year, only people who don’t pay attention to the game say stupid stuff like “Fade the Patriots RBs”. It is one of the most productive and cheapest backfield options for fantasy every single year.

To think that Cohen, the 5th best weapon on his own team has a higher ceiling than Burkhead, who will at the very least, split backfield duties with Michel if not lead it (assuming he stays healthy), is just crazy to me. Its a pipe dream with nothing to support it. Its trubisky vs brady. Nagy (as much as I love him), vs Bill/Josh. Take all the Cohen you want but the choice between Burkhead and Cohen is such an easy one to make for me I don’t even have to think twice about it.

I say you need to get some of Deshaun Watson’s offense, so grab Miller. Best of luck!!!

Thank you guys for all your input. It seems the general consensus is to keep lynch, n either drop burkhead or cohen, today’s news on burkhead does cloud things up a lil bit n i am a bears fan myself so does make it difficult to drop him but his role in offense does concern me

When playing fantasy, separate emotion/fan from rational decisions. Homerism is how you lose in fantasy.