Lynch for Allen or Baldwin?

Hi Guys. Just recently joined the footclan so this is my first post.

I’m 1-2 and am at a bit of a crossroads for my team as I’m the lowest point getter, have a tough matchup this week, and have most of my guys on bye next week.

I’m in a 10 team standard league.
QB: Cam (vomit), Rivers
RB: Freeman, Lynch, Ingram, Martin, Coleman
WR: Green, Pryor (puke), Watkins, Garcon
TE: Rudolph

With Martin coming back, I have alot of RB depth and feel I need to upgrade my WR core. Lynch has a bad schedule upcoming, so I’m looking to unload him before his value drops.

I’ve gotten an offer from 2 teams. One is for Keenan Allen, One is for Doug Baldwin. I prefer baldwin, but am weary because of the groin injury.

Which trade should I do? Or should I hold lynch, wait for an ingram or martin big game, and try to trade one of them high?

Thanks in advancE!