Lynch for Cam?

Hey Guys,

I lost Rodgers and I have been having difficulty in the QB position. I been riding with Big Ben, which has been ok so far , but he has a bye this week, and there are absolutely no good QBs on the waivers to stream this week. Since, Cam is coming off a bad performance I think I can trade Lynch for Cam. Would you guys do this trade ?

Depends on your other RB’s, but I imagine you arent even starting Lynch at this point right?

He is useless if you ask me, I would do this trade BUT you can always just stream at QB man, don’t need to ride Big Ben’s roller coaster lol

Thanks ! The thing is that in my league for some reason everyone holds onto 2 Qbs, I have no clue why and its super annoying, but it makes streaming a QB a every week difficult. Thats why I have to resort to Big Ben or trading for Cam. It is what is I guess.

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Man i hate to even suggest this but is McCown on the waiver wire??? He’s been better than Big Ben the last 3 weeks.

I know, he is on the waivers, but I could never get myself to put him in my line up lol The QBs on my waivers right now are Josh McCown, Eli Manning, Andy Dalton, Case Keenum, Blake Bortles and Trevor Siemian. None of these guys I’m thrilled about. Big Ben plays Indy in week 10 and then Ten and GB at home. So I’m ok with riding with him these next few weeks, but I’m thinking that Cam can help after that ?

I’d trade Lynch for Cam in a heartbeat, struggling Raiders offense, Lynch is past his prime, Cam will come alive, watch.

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Dalton and McCown are okay options to stream with. That’s me though, I believe in streaming and I’d like to see Lynch do something in the next week or two, and package him for somebody in the future.

Will Lynch do something though ? lol Right now you can debate that the last 2 games weren’t due to performance but him being dumb and that he still has some valuable. He plays Miami this week and then has a bye in week 10. Therefore, if he doesn’t get it done this week, he will have absolutely no value.

Right, of course. I would wait myself. I’d rather trade him eventually for a WR/RB than trade for a QB who I can easily get off the waivers.

Understandable, thanks for the input !