Lynch for Hilton trade

Should I trade lynch for Hilton?
Concerned about Hilton’s hamstring but I am lacking at wr big time

Howard,Gordon,Clemente, are my rbs
MT, cooper,coutee,BMC are my WRs

Or should I try and trade him for Tyler boyd and donte foreman or something like that for lynch


It’s dangerous trading for Hilton this week as if he misses with his injury, you’re down both him and Thomas, so you’d be screwed.

Do you start 2 RBs? If so I’d rather play Gordan + Lynch as my 2 guys rather than Howard.
I don’t like Howard in Nagy’s offence, whereas with Gruden, you know Beastmode is a 3 down back

I think Howard will be better ros.
Also don’t think lynch will be able to stay healthy the whole year. What do you think about boyd?

Boyd is a decent WR2 but I don’t like Andy Dalton, cos he will eventually, you know, turn back into Andy Dalton.

Yea I agree with that. Thinking of trading lynch also because I have cooper on my team which I can’t get rid of. Don’t need two raiders on my team.

But same goes with Howard. I’m the owner of trey Burton as well tho