Lynch for Ingram in 1/2 per

I have Lynch

My other rbs are Johnson, Conner, Lindsey, freeman and Clement

Do it, Saints are last in rushing when Ingram comes back he will play a huge role on a high powered offense.

As long as you aren’t 0-2 and can take the pressure of being a Conner owner this is a good trade.

Agreed you’ll get so much value out of ingram

Would you trade Golden Tate for Ingram? Im short at RB (DJ, Lynch, Alf Morris, Duke) and my other WR’s are Corey Davies, Thielen, John Brown, & Quincy Enunwa

I mean you could but I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable having thielen as my only locked up starter at wr. Unless davis pans out I couldn’t bring myself to do that

I also have Thielen and Tate. They have been my wr1 and wr2 respectively. I think I would hold onto Tate.