Lynch for Kittle?

Like many, I am in trouble at TE. I currently have OJ Howard.

I can possibly trade for Kittle. I offered Ajayi, but that isn’t going to fly at this stage. He is asking for Lynch. It is a standard league.

My RBs are: McCaffery, Lynch, Ajayi, K Johnson, Powell

What are your thoughts on trading Lynch for Kittle?

Thanks guys

I’d stick with Howard here. I think he and Winston will end up having chemistry, assuming Winston plays most of the rest of the season. But even if Fitz gets put in again, he was doing well with OJ too. I think giving up your second best RB currently for the OJ to Kittle upgrade is not quite worth it given your remaining options at RB (which are good, but all very hard to predict in comparison to Lynch).

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You could add Hayden Hurst and take a gamble on him/see how he does this week (he’s on track to play his first game coming back from foot surgery), considering he clearly has a lot of upside as the Ravens’ 1st round draft pick this year. They have a 3 TE offense so that might be wishful thinking with respect to his share of snaps, but they clearly drafted him bc they want to use him.

Agree with @falcones404 - hold onto Lynch and seek the waiver wire…

Is Cameron Brate on the waivers to pick up while OJ Howard is out?
or Vance McDonald?

edit: just checked one of my leagues waivers, and Cook / Njoku is there also…
any of these guys would be adequate to fill in the TE spot…

edit 2: also follow the news in Cincy, whoever starts in place of Eifert has value…My guess is Tyler Kroft fills in again… He replaced Eifert last season and put up good numbers…

My bad - didn’t realize Howard was out 2-4 weeks.

Thanks guys. Yeah the howard injury is killing me which is why I am thinking about reaching a bit for kittle. I think i will try and hit the waivers. Cook is on there but we don’t have FAAB so I think he will go before me. Njoku is also there but not sure he will get to me either.

I currently stream defenses and have the packers which were great last week. I am aiming to pick up the Titans against the Bills this week. I have made them my first priority. Should I make the TE my first priority?? What do you think?

I am just worried the Titans won’t get back to me in second round.

Whatever will prevent you from making the Lynch trade I think is the best thing to do.

I would keep Titans #1 waiver priority since you are streaming D…
lots of teams are trying to pick them up this week…
most teams still have their TEs and aren’t searching waivers for one, so line up Cook/Njoku behind the Titans Defense

Awesome. Thanks so much. You are legends!

Sorry one last thing. For Cook/Njoku, would you drop Howard, or Powell?

Or one of my WRs, Hopkins, Sanders, Baldwin, Cooper, Enunwa, K Cole

I currently have Cook for Howard, as I think he can be more long term. And have Njoku for Powell.

I’d say drop Enunwa. Doesn’t seem like you really need him much. Or K Cole.

Cook has season long value, so if you drop OJ Howard for Cook that is perfectly OK…
If you really believe in Howard and want to keep him, I would drop Enunwa before Powell…
You have good WRs, and Enunwa is just wasting space on your bench and you will never start him…

I need to play 3WRs and no flex. Does that matter?

How many RBs do you have to play?
And what are your other RBs?

need to play 2RBs. McCaffrey, Lynch, Ajayi, K Johnson, Powell

Between Enunwa and Powell I’d def hold Powell given your other RB’s and just the difficulty of finding RB’s like Powell who are guaranteed to see a legitimate number of touches every week as long as it’s just he and Crowell in the Jets backfield.


Agree with @falcones404


Great, thanks


Thanks guys. I ended up getting the Titans and Njoku for Enunwa

Perfect. Titans should wreak some havoc on Josh Allen’s career prospects this week.