Lynch for M Williams

Offered M Williams for Lynch

Kamara, Conner, Lynch, Brieda, D Lewis, Michel

Thomas, Diggs, Stills, Cole, Godwin, J Gordon

10 team ppr

I don’t think so. Williams might have a 0 reception game this week for all we know. He’s a rookie with huge upside potential, but he’s only shown it 1 time. Lynch is useful insurance for you if Conner’s situation gets complicated.

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I’m referring to Mike Williams of the Chargers

I would not do that trade. RB Depth is Key!

Received another from same person.

I get:
Mike Williams

I give:
Josh Gordon

This offer might be better. I personally value Lynch high. I just offloaded Lynch + Hogan for OBJ in one league and Lynch + Goodwin for Evans in another league. The RB premium is real!

I wish I were in these kind of leagues where people gave away players, ugh.

I think that is a lateral move personally with Gordon having the chance of being a huge upside guy. I would stay personally. I would absolutely trade Lynch though, I would just want more in return

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I’d rather keep lynch in that scenario too.