I need to start 2 of the 3. I’m leaning Lynch and Gore. I feel like Alex Collins could have a good game as well. Any thoughts?

Standard scoring btw.

Gore for sure, but I think there’s a chance the Ravens D shows back up and Ravens dominate time of possession. I’ve been burned a little by Lynch this year, so I kind of like gambling on Collins. Especially against that D.

I have that feeling as well. The thing that makes this so tough is the fact that Carr is out so typically a team would maybe lean on their lead back a bit more but this situation isnt as clear cut, especially with lynch’s usage being so scarce. Ahh decisions, decisions haha.

On today’s episode, the hosts did have a point that Lynch does have something to prove this game. With Carr out, this is his game and the Raiders should lean on him. If they do not, then we do learn that maybe Lynch wasn’t what we have hoped for this year :confused:

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