Lynch is Out

Play Daug Martin or Jalen Richard??

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Thats a hard Decision. You have Richard who gets all the receiving targets and doug martin who gets more of the rushing touches. If Jalen Richard is named the starter I would be confident in starting him at my Flex spot this week. If Doug Martin is named the starter I’m even more confident to start him rather than Richard. We’ve all seen Doug Martin go off in the past for fantasy. Im giving him the AP treatment in regards to him being at the tail end of his career but has enough gas in the tank to get a decent scoring game against good matchups

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Agree with the above for sure to go off of whatever the team ends up revealing.

Barring that info, I start (and have) Doug Martin. I think he’ll have first dibs at starting and playing on running downs / getting goal line chances. If he does well, Richard’s role will shrink. And vice versa. I don’t think Richard will score many TD’s this season, as a result.