Lynch, M Williams, Burton for Golladay, Gordon, Njoku

Trading away: Lynch, Mike Williams, and Trey Burton
Receiving: Golladay, J. Gordon, Njoku

My team currently:
QB - Mahomes
RB - Mixon
RB - Michel
WR - Keenan
TE - Reed
Flex - Landry

Bench - Lynch, Mike Williams, Aaron Jones, Drake, Burton, Godwin, Robby Anderson

My RB depth isn’t that great so I’m inclined to say no… But I think it won’t be long before Aaron Jones is a usable RB2 most weeks. Ronald Jones was also dropped to waivers today for what it’s worth in this league. It’s a standard scoring league.

I really like the Golladay and Njoku portion of this trade, but not so sure how I’d feel about giving up Lynch in this.

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