Lyndsey or jones?

Should I play Phillip Lyndsey or Aaron jones?

Lol… I am in the same boat and asked the same question the other day… I had Jones, but from the responses here, I switched to Lindsay. Rams have the worst run defense and most probably Broncos will take advantage of that and heavily use Lindsay and Freeman

Depends on your teams needs. I think I answered this in another thread the other day but basically, If you need that really safe floor, go with lindsay. he’ll get you that 8-10 points you need running at home vs the rams and he can’t get scripted out.

If you need ceiling, go with Jones. He’s the home run hitter and TD upside guy.

Don’t forget game script. You can bank on Denver playing from behind here. It’s 100%. Who do they generally have on the field when playing from behind? Answer is: not often Lindsay. They called for breakout game from AJ last week, i thought that could happen too. However I am absolutely calling for his breakout this week. GB has great shot to get ahead early and stay ahead, lending itself to an ideal game script for AJ. AJ is the greater talent in the greater offense. Both teams play a porous defense. AJ is the play of these two this week.

is this true? From the film I’ve seen, Lindsay has been on a field a lot in crucial situations. Both in close games and when they have been coming back from behind. Maybe you’ve studied the film in more detail than me but I thought he was actually the one who was involved which is why I said he’s the safer play. Interested to hear your analysis/stats on this one.

what does “TD upside guy” mean?

that Jones is more likely to get a TD?

Yeah as in I think he will get more chances to score. Both from his breakaway potential but also cause I expect packers to be ahead and often. So he will get more rushing opportunities both overall and on the goal line.

I watched them play the Chiefs. When it was two minute situations or playing from behind, Freeman nor Lindsay was on the field. I can’t even remember the RB they played. But it wasn’t Lindsay. Not saying Lindsay won’t get usage or even put up decent points this week, just saying game script alone is AJ all day in my book. I like his talent better. I like his offense better. I almost like the defense he is playing better. AJ is going to bust out of his chains this week. If I’m wrong, you’ll never see me comment on him again.

ok thanks. and i agree with you analysis. Jones does have a higher ceiling with higher chance of scoring TDs

It was Booker

D. Booker? i know from the podcast he was mentioned as being in the 2 min guy.

Their only other RB is Booker.

That’s interesting. I could’ve sworn lindsay was in there for the first couple games, like the one vs seattle for a couple snaps. But maybe it’s changed more as of late. It’s probably just having to do with pass pro. If they don’t intend the run the ball, freeman/lindsay probably won’t be in.

Yeah it was Booker. Sorry i cant remember the names of those that are fantasy valueless. You know more about this than me Mike but in this one im all AJ. Matter of fact I’ve dropped Lindsay and retained AJ. I believe the AJ train is just now launching and momentum gets rolling this week. I think Freeman is eventually going to snuffed out Lindsay, although he is a very solid talent with nice speed.

I love AJ man. I’ve been all over these forums telling people to buy AJ for like 3 weeks. Season long, give me AJ for sure.

But just talking about this game, I think theres a trade off. Also, definitely don’t think Lindsay is drop worthy. He is an every week flex play. You should see if you can snag that back and trade himt o someone for value.

As much as I love Freeman, I don’t see it. Their run game is very effective splitting the workload and by using both, they keep both fresh and healthy. Fantasy owners want a workhorse, but from a real NFL perspective, doesn’t make sense to give all carries to freeman when Lindsay has been more efficient on the ground. Lindsay in the open field is pretty dank. He’s got a nice cut.

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I’ve got both on my team and I’m rolling out Jones over Lindsay… without a lot of confidence.

I think the Packers get a nice lead and pound the ball with their RBBC. And, that the Broncos play catch up and pass the ball a ton.

I just have a feeling that Lindsay still gets a good amount of touches to begin with and Jones will not, so he’ll be playing catch up the rest of the game to match Lindsay. In the end, I think GB’s offense manages to stay on the field longer, yielding more touches for Jones.

I think it’s a close one. If you’re in a full PPR and/or a return yards league, I’d probably swing my vote over to Lindsay.

Your points are solid and well taken. The OP should listen to you over me. But I believe Lindsay will never elevate his play enough to break the committee. I believe AJ will and I believe he will this week. Sometimes you have to take risk on the front end without the proven track record. This is the week for AJ IMO. You saw my stable of RBs in another thread (Barkley, Hunt, Yeldon, Carson, AJ, KJ), so that’s why i dropped Lindsay.

I am 100% in agreement with you here. I don’t think that committee gets broken and honestly from a real NFL perspective, don’t think it makes sense to be broken. That’s also why I have AJ > Lindsay ROS as well.

I agree with you there as well. Although I’m not as optimistic it will be this week. I think it will take a couple more weeks and in the best case scenario, it will still be like a 65/35 split between Jones and Ty Mont cause McCarthy is dumb. I’ve watched all of AJ’s snaps this season and his pass pro is actually more than sufficient now to the point where this whole pass pro argument is stupid.

Ahh yes I forgot about this. You’re stacked at RB. Why not try and do a 2 for 1 trade though? Make some space and get him back as a depth piece. If you have all those RBs, i’m guessing rest of your league is starving.

Water bet on AJ breaking out this week?

Probably not. I’m still expecting him to do well this week. I was just saying he doesn’t get the 65/35 split right away. That’s why I have him in my lineups haha.

I’m not 100% confident in it either way.

Let’s make sure we bump this thread no matter the outcome Sunday.