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Lyndsey or jones?


I hope both do well. Have them in line ups across a few leagues.


LOL… After all this I bet the OP is still confused! :rofl:


yes and no, in some important drives(such as the one in the chiefs game) they called booker because is a better blocker, but the staff was really criticized about this decision, the game after that was against the jets and denver lost in the first quarter, so we didnt have that game winning drive to see who they put on the field, but as the jets scored 2 TDs, freeman just vanished from the game and lindsay was playing most of the snaps.


No one knows more than Mike in this thread, but no one is more confident than me LOL.


In the past 5 games against the RAMS, Seattle RBs are the only ones who have scored well in fantasy.
In a 0.5 PPR,
Week 1 against Oakland… Lynch scored 11.9
Week 2 against Arizona, DJ scored 5.6
Week 3 against Chargers, Gordon scored 15.4
Week 4 against Vikings, Cook scored only 2, while Murray scored only 4.8
Week 5 against Seattle, Carson scored 13.2 and Davis scored 14.5

Now, knowing the Broncos coaching style and play calling, I’m now literally hesitant in starting Lyndsay against the Rams.


The only caveats I would say are as follows:

Week 1 Raiders: They had full strength roster and their pass rush / coverage was elite. That’s no longer the case. Their crappy secondary will result in them committing more guys in coverage and take guys out of the box forcing them to run cover 2 or cover 3, which is why you saw teams like seattle with a worse Oline, and worse RB duo run train on them. Also even in week 1, lynch was destroying them but then it was a blow out so lynch got scripted out of the game by second half.
Week 2: Arizona is trash. Was a total blow out. Can’t put much weight into that game.
Week 4: Cook was injured, and we all know murray is pretty awful. Also that game, both teams were lighting it up through the air. Was a total shoot out until the end. No need to run the ball when you passing for fresh sets of downs on 1st and 10.
Week 5: 1st team that ran it on them, like I said, secondary is leaky and can’t afford extra guys in the box to defend the run. I think this is more of the trend we’ll see going forward until Talib returns.

Flex Lindsay or Aaron Jones... Half Point PPR

Went with jones hope it pays off since Lyndsey already has more than Jones was projected to get


If Lindsay out scores Jones you have my word I’ll never post another word of advice on this board again. I believe we’re about to witness a coming out party for AJ.


Whao let’s not go too crazy.

I like your chances. But this played out as I thought so far. Lindsay got you the 8-10 points as expected. Safe floor.

Excited to see what Jones does now. I need him to have a monster week to remotely have a chance this week. Was one of the worst performing weeks of my team ever.


We still differ here but I remain terribly confident in my assertion. AJ has a big night on MNF.


I don’t think we differ though. I think we’ve both been saying the same thing this entire time.

AJ potential breakout, lindsay was a safe floor at 8-10 points (which worked out that way), but AJ can definitely outscore him by a decent margin.

You’re just even more bullish on AJ than me (which I didn’t think was possible)


So, Jones was a bust and his ROS does not look good if he keeps dropping these passes. He had one pass targeted to him, which was dropped. Well, Im glad I kept Lindsay on my line up and benched Jones. :slight_smile:


Yeah can’t trust McCarthy. Also, that TD getting reversed really sucked. I think he if got that TD, then maybe couldve had a shot at the hot hand approach. Either way, this is going to have to be a patient play. That’s why I said Lindsay would give you the safer floor. He’s just getting the more consistent touches at this point.


True well still won with jones so I’m ok that I took the chance still disappointing he isn’t being played as much as he should