M. Bryant Owners

is it time to drop Bryant if you need a filler from the waiver wire? Ex. Qb on bye.

Yes… He is dropable… But I would always test the waters and see if you could find someone who believes in him… Package him with another player and get a 2-1 and give your self an open spot to pick someone up

Lol… I have been trying to package him and gronk. No takers.

I have ertz

@King871 dang what size league are you in? 8-10?

The olson, eifert, reed, clay owners have found better on the wire?

Can’t believe you can’t trade gronk and Bryant for something flex worthy or decent.

@Fr0sty11 it’s a 12 team league. Traded Ajayi for gronk last week… maybe I’m asking to much. Tried for Julio. Guy is in last place with no real tight end.