M. Davis or penny waiver?

I have Carson as well, but who to pick now? Both are free, but how long?

Make an offer for both, I think both backs will ne usable during carson’s absence.

I can only pick up one. So who?

I think Davis is the safe pick. Penny has more upside and has more big play ability. What do you need ?

I think he means make a claim for both and drop the same player. Only one will process. That way if you miss out on one then you will at least get the other. I like Davis over Penny but the Seahawks have been able to support two backs most weeks as some sort of a starter/flex option in 12 team leagues.

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Davis is the priority for sure. Both would be great to grab for a week or two to see how things are unfolding with the team but Davis will get the feature back role chances before Penny.