M.Gordon and 1.03 / Fournette

Hey Footclan:

I took over a dynasty team in bad shape. My only valuable piece is Fournette. My last deal fell apart. However, I received a counter where I’m being offered M.Gordon and 1.03 for Fournette.

Any thoughts?

I’d take it

I like it too

That is a solid offer. I would then try to flip Gordon.

Yea I’d do that. Gordon isn’t a huge drop off for Fournette.

I like it, Gordon isn’t that big of a drop off and the 1.3 could meet you a better RB then Fournette.

I would do that, then trade Gordon for another rb and pick

I would do this. Fournette is a great talent but he had a number of leg injuries last year and that scares me with him. He played through most of it but this early on getting multiple injuries to the same area worries me. Gordon isn’t as flashy as Fournette but he is a solid RB who gives you a safe floor.