M. Gordon as of Today?

What is everyones Thoughts on M. Gordon this year?

He has a little issue with injury. And has only broke a 1,000 yrds once.

I like him and may go after him in a trade. The owner wants a lower RB and extra pieces.


What sort of lower RB? Like a low end RB1 or high RB2 and another guy/pick? I think this sounds like a trade to pursue hard.

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I think that has to do with the extra pieces. He is trying to build his team. It is a 12 man Dynasty and he wants to spread his RB1 out across a couple positions.

I just tossed up my roster for references.

Give him Goodwin, and one of your lower RB’s. Ito Smith or Burkhead, and see if he bites. Melvin Gordon is too good to pass up. He did get a little banged up, but he’s young enough and uber productive.

If the guy doesn’t bite, see if he’s willing to go for something else, but don’t lose Zeke (obviously) or David Johnson. DJ should be fire with Kyler @ QB

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Is Howard worth putting on the block to get Gordon?

Oooh, yeah I didn’t see him at first. Howard’s living in committee city. They might be the team that actually uses him correctly, but he’s not as good as Melvin. I like that, paired with Goodwin.

I’d still try those lower end RB’s first.

If he trades Melvin Gordon for Marquise Goodwin and Ito Smith/Burkhead/Howard, he’s a Grade A moron.


You don’t think he should give up Goodwin and a bad running back for Melvin Gordon?

I mean, if that was a remotely reasonable offer, sure. If he can get Barkley and Hopkins for a 2021 5th rounder, he should do that too. I just don’t play in leagues with people that have the kind of major head injuries required to entertain those kind of ridiculously one-sided deals.


Agreed with above. There’s no way the owner with gordon would bite on a trade with that low of capital. You’d have to offer way more like AJ Green and Jordan Howard and even then he may not be interested. If I’m the MG owner I wouldn’t take it, but it’s a better feeler than Goodwin and Ito Smith.

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Thanks for the inputs. It might be hard to go after him. He wants a lower RB the Gordon and extra Pieces.

Much better options, especially with AJ Green being a possible sell high right now. Never know when those guys break age 30.

I don’t think you have the pieces to get him and keep Johnson. I don’t see a deal built around AJ Green or TY Hilton and others like Howard or Murray getting it done unfortunately.

I think you should look to lesser names like Marlon Mack or maybe see if the Devonta Freeman owner will sell low.

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The only reason I asked the question was, the Gordon owner tossed him on the Block. I thought it would be neat to check out others thoughts. I definitely do not believe Gordon can get on my team, unless I give up a top end player. Its all good. I am happy where I sit as of today.

All I’m saying is it never hurts to try.

I think Mack would be a good option, if he can stay on the field, he’ll be a monster.