M Gordon d Thomas for AB Olsen?

Melvin Gordon and d. Thomas for AB and Greg Olsen in full ppr?

This is a keeper auction league. I also have
Devante Adams

I’d do it. Like all the way. You’re all set at RB in my mind. Adams plus AB completes that lineup you listed there. I’d do it.

Like you get the best WR in the NFL using maybe the 5th best RB. You currently have M Gordon right? You’re receiving AB?

Yes. Got him for $44 tho. Thinking about keeping him tho But i grabbed Zeke last yr with the suspension looming for $37 and mixon for $8

Do you mean you’re iffy about it because you had spent so much on him? Wouldn’t AB have gone for more anyway? I’d assume so. But anyway was going to say don’t even think about that. AB is more valuable to you going forward than M Gordon is, esp when Ekeler has been getting more involved like he is. He doesn’t really look like he can’t do anything M Gordon can recently.

Ab went for $60. so I doubt I’ll be keeping him

Pulled the trigger. I’ll worry about keepers after i worry about winning

well done. the present value of AB is def higher than that of M Gordon. all about that time value of $$$